Naruto Enamel Pin
Naruto Enamel Pin

Naruto Enamel Pin

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Naruto Enamel Pin:
✮ 1.75 in/44.45 mm
✮ Rose Gold plated
✮ Hard Enamel
✮ 2 Rubber Clutches

✧Standard Grade✧
Standard grade pins are the closest to being perfect in quality but still -may or may not- contain minor flaws.
+Minor scuffs
+Less noticeable or small areas of uneven enamel

✧Second Grade✧
A second grade enamel pin is a pin that has more imperfections in comparison to a standard pin.
As a result, these pins are sold at a discount.
I do not sell pins that I consider to be "C" grade.
+Large amounts of scuff and scratches
+Large scratches
+Uneven enamel surface
+Small-Large dots/pooling of misplaced color
+Multiple air bubbles or large air bubbles
+Missing enamel

Every second grade pin has varying degrees of imperfections.
Please keep this in mind as you are ordering.

✧・゚: *✧N o t e s✧・゚: *✧
-Pin colors can vary on each monitor
-Pin colors can vary due to lighting