Restock Information

Hello there!

All restock information will be listed here! Any current pins that will be restocked currently may not be restocked in the future! Keep in mind, pins won't be restocked unless they are fully sold out, including second grade pins. The exceptions for this is if I'm restocking in preparation for an upcoming convention. Some restocks for sold out pins here that are listed to be restocked may not be restocked right away.


Chibi Ghibli Series: No Restocks

Overwatch Pins:

  • Chibi Overwatch Series - No Restocks, see exceptions below ↓
  • Exceptions: Chibi Witch Mercy on Broom and Chibi's Meka will be restocked
  • Full Bodied Witch Mercy - No Restocks
  • Palanquin/Lunar New Years/Hanbok - No Restocks

Chibi Sailor Senshi Heads: No Restocks

Large Sailor Moon Pin: Will be restocked

Chibi Usagi Pin: No Restocks

My Hero Academia:

  • Chibi MHA - Will all be restocked
  • Mt Lady - No Restocks

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Pins: Will be restocked

Pokemon Pins: Will be restocked

Kingdom Hearts Pins: TBA

K/DA Ahri Pin: No Restocks

Tohru & Kanna: No Restocks

Magical Ice Cream Pin: No Restocks

Pin Club Pins: No Restocks. Pin club pins are only available to pin club members on my Patreon:






Will be restocked


Currently unavailable